Onboarding Vacation Property

What is Onboarding?

Let’s get started – Onboarding Vacation Property


It takes a Trained team to restore poorly managed properties.

Destin Housekeeping Services will start onboarding vacation rental property by reviewing the rental property and exposing every item. Next, it’s vital to declutter the space so that everything looks neat and has a place. After that, it’s time for deep cleaning to ensure everything is sparkling clean and ready for your guests. We focus on linens, amenities, and housekeeping equipment for the initial onboarding vacation property.

  1. Foundation and Guest Linens
  2. Property Housekeeping Equipment
  3. Refillable Amenities
  4. Declutter
  5. Deep Clean
  6. Organize
  7. Stage Property

Here at Destin Housekeeping Services, we know the importance of keeping vacation rental properties clean and organized. During our onboarding vacation property process, we request exclusive access to the unit to ensure that we have everything we need and that our inventory of products, supplies, and equipment is secure.

At the end of our deep clean, we will list items requiring further attention. We deliver your property in its best possible state, looking and feeling fresh, clean, and organized. From now on, our service will be to maintain the onboard setup.

Property Linens

The wrong type of linens can result in a loss of revenue.

Do we manage property linens? Yes, we do, approximately 567 pieces of linen for every six guests. It is so important to set up and have the right linens. Our linens have proven to be the most cost-effective clothes for business-minded owners.

We specialize in providing top-quality bed and bath linens to ensure every guest has a comfortable and enjoyable stay.

We do not accept stained, worn, and heavy-weight linens to maintain our brand. Investing in our products and services is crucial to making your rental property stand out and generate positive reviews.

Bed and Bath Linens

Linen management is a big part of onboarding vacation properties

Linen management is a big part of onboarding vacation properties. Managing linen can be quite challenging and time-consuming. With so many different types of linens and various sizes and owners, it can be not easy to keep everything organized and in good condition. Linen management is essential to ensuring guests have a comfortable experience. It’s not a small task, but we have suitable systems and processes and can easily tackle linens.

Managing linens requires constant tracking and monitoring. It’s a full-time job that needs to be done both inside the rental property and offsite. Continuous tracking of bed and bath linens is required to keep them safe from moisture, pests, sticky hands, and mismanagement by guests, owners, cleaners, and laundry services.

Mrs. Debra estimates that the level of damage and loss is sometimes as high as 70 percent loss yearly. Guest Rules and Guest Departure Procedures play a positive role in informing all guests of possible charges for damaged and lost linens.

cost-effective clean, crisp white linens

Providing Bright White and Fresh Linens

We use detergent, bleach, and fabric softener to keep your linens looking bright and fresh. Nothing is quite like climbing into a bed with crisp, white sheets! Speaking of sheets, Have you ever watched Mrs. Debra fold sheets? It’s like she’s done it a million times before. Most of us struggle to fold a flat sheet, but she makes it look effortless.

Do you want your guests to feel at home?

Property Amenities

basic house essential is important to

Basic Amenities

  • Hand Soap Dispensers
  • Liquid 8 oz Dawn Dish Soap
  • Powdered Automatic Dish Soap
  • Amble Trash Bags
  • Laundry Detergent with Bleach
  • Basket of Trial-Size Hygiene Products

Our cleaners work hard to keep the dispensers fully stocked for every guest. The amenity refills storage area is set up during our onboarding vacation property services. A lockable closet is a necessity in every vacation rental property.

Having ample amounts of liquid and automatic dish soap is 5-star. That’s why we provide abundant quantities of automatic and liquid dish soap for our guests. The last thing an owner wants is the guest storing dirty dishes for a week due to two pods. No owner wants a pest control problem.

Supplying amble dish soap minimizes your risk of roach infestation. We want to ensure your guest maintains the property during their stay, provide the products needed, and enforce departure procedures.

Guest HYGIENE Products

Mrs. Debra recently posted that having a small basket filled with bathroom amenities can be helpful and appreciated by guests. Small baskets filled with bath-size bars of soap and some trial-size morning kits would be perfect. Our housekeepers monitor the bathroom baskets and refill them as needed on each departure clean. This method is more cost-efficient, and guests are happier.

Cost effective marketing for repeat guest

Even here in beautiful Destin, Florida, most guests bring their products. However, we have noticed that guests are more inclined to take home the cute and attractively packaged mini shampoo and conditioner bottles. It would be an excellent opportunity for hosts to feature the property contact number and smart marketing move.

Do vacation rental properties need housekeeping equipment? Absolutely

Housekeeping Equipment

the right equipment on hand is essential

When managing a vacation rental property, having the right equipment on hand is essential, especially on the beaches of Florida, where sand can be a constant challenge. Our little shop vacuum is one piece of equipment we’ve found particularly impressive. With five different attachments, it’s versatile enough to handle all kinds of cleaning tasks. Destin Housekeeping maintains the operation and cleaning of all housekeeping equipment on site. We determine the best location to store equipment during onboarding.

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Guests have various housekeeping equipment, including a shop vac, spin-mop, broom, dustpan, dishware brush, and toilet brush/plunger combo. When we onboard our properties, we make sure to keep kitchen supplies at a reachable height for guests so that everyone can remain safe while maintaining the property’s cleanliness. All equipment is assembled and placed during onboarding.

Do you know if onboarding deep cleaning is required? Yes

Restoration Deep Cleans

Our deep cleaning processes are the same on all units

Deep cleaning is crucial, as it ensures that all surfaces are free from poor cleaning product residue, dirt, and germs. By doing a thorough, deep clean, you can provide all guests with a safe and welcoming environment they’ll surely appreciate.

During the onboarding process, all appliances get deep cleaned. We like procedures and processes here at Destin Housekeeping, even when we deep clean a refrigerator. Our team starts by pulling the fridge away from the wall when possible. We even vacuum the motor area in the back.

Next, remove the grill in front and clean it in the sink while vacuuming all front components. Once these steps are complete, it’s time to take apart the inside of the refrigerator, one shelf and drawer at a time. We do it carefully and methodically. Make sure we clean the entire inside area thoroughly before reassembling. You want a professional who knows how to disassemble and reassemble your refrigerators; most damage to refrigerators is from inexperienced cleaners.

We will remove all magnets from the refrigerator. We know from experience magnets cause lasting damage to the surface of your refrigerator’s stainless steel finish. Stainless steel polishes are a quick cover-up, leaving behind a greasy building-up finish and viruses. Sink sponges with scrubby on one side damage more stainless steel refrigerators than anything else.

Experience has taught us poor cleaning products pushed around by inexperienced, untrained cleaners can be costly

Not all cleaning products are reasonable, such as:

  • Fabulosa – The #1 most costly product to remove is Fabulosa. Mrs Debra calls it Liquid Bubble Gum.
  • Pine Sol – The #2 most costly.
  • Windex – Covers every mirror and window with a white film that requires hard work and experience to remove.

There is a long list of products we do not use or promote, all because we care about your content and property.

Do you know how long viruses can stay on stainless steel? Forever when covered up with greasy polishing products. This is why we have to wear a mask during restoration.

It’s nice that during our departure cleans, we inspected kitchen cabinets and ensured dishware was stacked and put away correctly. Our onboarding vacation property services set the stage for where everything goes.

Our deep cleans remove all other cleaning products and polish from surfaces. Poor cleaning products and procedures can result in permanent, lasting damages.

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