Departure Cleaning Services

Service area Destin, Florida

Cleaning services to make your vacation house feel like home.

Guest Departures

Departure Cleaning Services is to remove the previous guest’s DNA and footprints. Stage vacation rental property for the arriving guest while maintaining the onboard status throughout the season. We are a housekeeping management company that maintains and is available 365 days a year for your vacation rental property. Managing your vacation rental from far away can be overwhelming, and we assure you that we are here every step of the way. From the moment your guest departs, our team ensures your arrival guest enjoys the comforts and conveniences as your last guest. Departure Cleaning Services is what makes vacation rental properties even possible. Onboarding is so essential to 5-star reviews and being able to maintain a public rental. We still have a few blog post laying around you read here, and more about who we are and our owner.

Scope of Work – Departure Cleaning Services

  • Deliver the arrival guest’s clean bed and bath linens to the vacation rental.
  • Gather and bag soiled departure guest linens and deliver them to laundry services.
  • Perform departure cleaning following specific guidelines and procedures.
  • Dress unit with bed and bath linens following bed-making and bath linen display guides.
  • Furniture and contents are in their correct location pleasing the arriving guest.
  • Ensure lights and ceiling fans are off and blinds are turned up allowing light into the room.

Cleaners clean and refill guest amenities, such as:

  • Automatic Dish soap
  • Liquid Dish Soap
  • Paper Towels
  • Dish Brush
  • Kitchen Dry Towels
  • Kitchen Dishcloths
  • Oven Liners (check)
  • Microwave Plate Cover (check)
  • Ice (check for contamination)
  • Basket Assortments – (Trail-size guest personal hygiene supplies)
  • Handsoap Dispensers
  • Waste Closet Tissue Paper

Guest Departure Procedures

It’s essential to have simple guest departure procedures in place to avoid unnecessary damages and ensure all visitors read the rental properties’ expectations. Guests can ensure a smooth and hassle-free transition out of the rental property by following the departure procedures. Departures clean, service linens, and stage vacation rentals. You’ll be able to take a look at our cleaning services here. Ninety-eight percent of our guests understand the importance of following departure cleaning procedures.